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Enabling a Spectrum of AI-Driven Innovations

Soulution forms strategic partnerships with various companies to co-create AI-powered products that are significantly informed by human insights. 


Our exceptional capability in collecting high-quality, nuanced data is foundational for a multitude of AI-empowered products and services addressing diverse challenges across industries like marketing, e-commerce, and healthcare.


Unveiling below is a suite of AI-driven projects, each bearing testimony to the invaluable insights and data excellence Soulution brings to the table.


Spearheading Sustainable Insights

VerdeVerse leverages the meticulous data harvested by Soulution to deliver predictive feedback for eco-conscious marketing and product strategies.


The marriage of Soulution’s in-depth consumer behavioral data with VerdeVerse’s sustainability-focused AI, bridges the crucial knowledge gap, propelling businesses towards eco-centric market insights and decisions.


Elevating Survey Research Quality through Fraud and Friction Detection

The precision and authenticity in survey data are pivotal for impactful market research. ATHNTC, bolstered by Soulution's nuanced behavioral insights, excels in identifying fraudulent responses and alleviating friction points in surveys.


This alliance ensures pristine survey data, setting a gold standard in market research authenticity.



The detailed attention and facial expression data from Soulution augment ProductivitySurfing’s ADHD diagnostic technology.


This amalgamation engenders a leap in mental health diagnostics, providing a user-centric, precise, and accessible ADHD management pathway


Amplifying E-commerce Engagement

The consumer behavioral insights from Soulution serve as a linchpin for Journey Lenses to fine-tune user journeys and optimize content on e-commerce platforms.


This symbiosis escalates user engagement, conversions, and overall customer satisfaction, redefining the e-commerce landscape.

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